Scheduled Tours
June 1 - October 1
6 day Gobi desert tour
Every Thursday to Monday 
4 day Khuvsgul lake tour
 Every Monday to Thursday 
2 day Terelj Trip
Every Wednesday & Friday
Number of Travelers: min 2, max 8 By joining our scheduled tour, you will share the tour price, get good quality service and enjoy making new friends!

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We were very satisfied with the tour - Boyna and the driver were both excellent.

We visited Mongolia in June 2013 and chose Gobi Tours as our agent on the ground for the Gobi leg of the tour.

The tour in the Gobi was excellent. Both our guide Huyaga and our driver Baagii were just what we were hoping for. Huyaga’s English was very good and he was quite friendly and easy-going.

We had a wonderful time in Mongolia. I'll just list out some feedback:

- Zolo was an excellent guide - very good English and knowledgeable. 

Welcome to Mongolia

You want something special from your tour to Mongolia?, then GobiTours is the right tour operator to offer it.
As we are locals of South Gobi province, we are specialized in Gobi desert tours (South Mongolia) as well as Central, North, Western, Eastern Mongolia.
Mongolia is the land where you can explore and discover the endless steppe with amazing lifestyle of local Nomads as the legendary country of Great Genghis Khan.
Our friendly professional team will welcome you to explore Mongolia for our high quality tours.


Guaranteed Tour Departures:


* 9 day Overland tour to Gobi desert & Kharkhorin - September 22 - October 1


  • Gobi Desert Tours
    Mongolian gobi  Gobi Gurvan Saikhan National Park is the end of Mongol Altai   Mountain Range into the Gobi. Gobi Gurvan Saikhan is received its  protected area status in 1993 and it's the largest National Park, that  covers approximately 2.7 million hectares.
  • North Mongolian Tours
    Khuvsgul lake Younger sister of SIBERIA'S Lake Baikal, Khuvsgul lake is the deepest in the Central Asia (265m) and the World's 14th source of fresh water. Imagine 2,760 sq km of alpine lake, with water so pure you can drink directly from the lake.
  • Central Mongolian Tours
    Kharakhorum is the ancient capital of Mongolian Empire, the fabled city by Chinggis Khan, was established in 1220 in valley of Orkhon river, that was on the crossroads of the Great Silk Road.
  • Short Tours
    Mongolian horseTake your holiday break to the beautiful Terelj National Park, Manzshir Monastery (Buddist Monastery), Khustai National Park (wild horses), as well as amazing destinations to Gobi for your short vacation!
  • Trekkings
    Mongolian camelTravel through Mongolian Gobi on the back of Bactrian Camel to explore Gobi desert, Oasis in Gobi, Local Nomads life, and ancient dinasour sites.
  • Sand dunes & Terelj NP tours
    4 day/3 nights tour to Terelj NP and Sand dunes with Nomad  family.
    2 day/ 1 night trip to Sand dunes of Tov province.
  • Golden Loop of Gobi Desert & Khuvsgul lake

    Red Flaming Cliffs of Mongolia


       Chance to see most beautiful highlights of Mongolia in short time!


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